Sheila Carlton cover Letter

Sheila G. Carlton
1517 W. Parker Rd.
Greenville, SC 29617


To Whom It May Concern:

Please consider my resume for the part-time position that is posted with As you can see with my resume my qualifications are sufficient for this position. My educational background in Accounting, along with my professional experience, makes me an excellent candidate for this position.
As you will also see from the enclosed resume, I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of Accounting and Bookkeeping. Due to my career in accounting and bookkeeping I have spent numerous years working with business owners in maintaining their company records using various types of software. I love working with people and teaching others skills that will benefit them in their everyday job descriptions. My resume shows that I have been consistently rewarded for hard work with promotions and increased responsibilities. These rewards are a direct result of my expertise in Accounting and Bookkeeping, my commitment to personal and professional excellence, and my excellent written and oral communication skills.
If you have questions, or if you want to schedule an interview, please contact me at 864-569-2238. I look forward to hearing back from you about this position.
Sheila G. Carlton

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