Search for Her Existence cover letter

Madelyn Plummer
3601 West Broadway Apt 7204
Columbia, Mo 65203

December 31, 2018,

Dear ReeJade Richmond,

I am writing this letter to apply for the Administrative/Virtual assistant position, posted online for Search for Her Existence. I am interested in this position and in working for Search for Her Existence not only because of how they help empower the enterprising business woman, but because this business was built by a go-getter woman herself. Focusing on relationships and facilitating empowerment for our customers is not only the best way to do business; it’s the only way to do business. These values are something I support and stand for. I am interested in being a part of a team that supports these values and offers opportunity and responsibility. It is obvious that ReeJade and Search for Her Existence does that.

The Administrative/Virtual Assistant position requires an understanding and application of key skills and attributes including but not limited to: self-management, multi-tasking, writing/editing, and customer relations. In my previous position at State Farm, I received many awards that were a direct result of my ability to self-manage and relate well with individual customers. In addition, I assisted the agent in developing and implementing strong office systems to maximize production, as well as training new team members. As a Senior Account Executive for Ricoh USA, I carried on my ability to schedule and organize meetings, communicate effectively, and provide professional proposals to the business owners who were my customers. I also exhibited leadership amongst my teammates by sharing creative ideas on how we could be more effective in serving our customers. I have had the opportunity to learn how to solve problems effectively, while providing customers with excellent support for their businesses. I believe these imperative skills qualify me for the position and that I could be a great asset to the company. Please feel free to contact me either by phone or email. I appreciate your time and for considering me for the position.

Madelyn Plummer

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