Dear Hiring Manager:
First and foremost, thank you for this opportunity of professional learning and growth. I confidently believe I am an ideal candidate for your organization due to my recent experience in the education field, as well as my charisma, professional demeanor, and willingness to fulfill my role as a team player. A mutually personal and professional goal of mine is to equip children and adolescents within the greater community, with skills for academic and personal success. From my comprehensive background in customer relations, I am able to make clients feel welcomed, appreciated, and informed. My previous experience within various fields will help me market services to schools and school districts; as well as reinforce the fiscal and social benefits of potential partnerships. Thirdly, as a tenured elementary teacher, I developed skills within recording and reporting data; assigning and designing intervention plans/goals; administering assessments to measure the success of instructional objectives; monitoring and modifying student progress; as well as collaborating with colleagues and administration for decision-making and the implementation of academic, social and/or behavior programs. Within my role as an educator, I also served as Lead Teacher in which I met with other educators throughout the school district to discuss and devise improvement plans for student success. Also within my role as an educator, I willfully participated in a math cohort as well as composed district-wide Grade 2 math curriculum; these roles contributed to my ability of providing engaging, student-centered learning experiences for children.
I truly appreciate my professional experiences within Newport News Public Schools because I was able to instruct, influence, and interact with children from various backgrounds. Specifically, I taught in a Title I elementary school with an enrollment of nearly 800 children- comprising of at least 90% non-White students, non-native English speakers, students with learning accommodations and disabilities, and several other diverse groups. Despite my students’ differences, I developed techniques for assessing and addressing their individual needs through observation, communication and guidance. Thus, I believe such techniques can also be applied to my position as a school liaison. I wholeheartedly understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration among parents, children, and educational entities. Together, we can ensure a supportive environment of development and growth for those leading our future.
I am available for phone and/or in-person interviewing, and can be reached at the telephone number and email address listed above. Please consider me as an integral asset to your company’s future!

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