SCD Lifestyle Customer Service Guru

Dear Christine and Justin,

I am so excited about your job posting! I feel as if this job is made for me.

Here is why:

First of all, health and wellness is my jam, and has been for at least 25 years.

For the last few years I have been doing intensive research to combat a hormonal imbalance and have made great strides thanks to some major dietary changes and working with my naturopath. Despite being a health nut for most of my life, my diet was no longer working for me.

So much has changed for the better, but wellness is still a lifelong journey. I am currently reading Magdalena Wszelaki’s new book, “Cooking for Hormone Balance”, which focuses on gut healing, sugar-balancing and liver detoxification.

Second, I truly believe that communication is key! I am told that I am a skilled writer and speaker. Especially when it comes to a topic that I am passionate about. I love helping others and always put myself in the client’s shoes whenever I communicate.

Third, I am an experienced virtual employee. I have been working online and remote for 11 years, both running my own online business and as a virtual employee. I prioritize, multitask, manage projects using the technology that I need to do the job right. As such, I also learn new software quickly and intuitively.

Forth, I have extensive customer service experience. Not long ago, I started as the only employee at Phaiser, and within a few months, I developed, trained and managed a whole a virtual international Support Team. We worked first on Zen Desk, then we switched to Xsellco Fusion. I set up all the tags and templates, SOPs and service standards for this team. And of course I dealt personally with any angry customers. As such I have learned not to get too upset if someone is having a bad day and decides to harass the customer service rep.

Number five is that I am a chronic problem solver. I am constantly looking for ways to do things better and more efficiently. There are times that I wish I could turn that instinct off, but most of the time it feels great to offer ideas for improvements, if they are welcomed.

Six, I am available on weekdays 8:30 AM- 3 PM PST, M-F. I am also pretty flexible, and can work occasionally some hours on the weekend. As far as reliability goes, I have not called in sick in as long as I can remember. I occasionally have to take care of a sick child. But if I am planning a short vacay, I always give lots of notice. I usually end up bringing some work with me if I go away for a few days, too.

Ok. Now I feel that I must address the one thing that I do not have from your qualification list: I am Canadian. I live in British Columbia (Pacific time zone). I hope that you will still consider me for this job. The technology exists to help me speak directly with your customers on their mobile or landlines, regardless of my location, and my internet is a super-fast fiber-optic connection.

If you are willing to give me a chance, I will research all the options available to make my Canadian-ness a non-issue for you.

Thanks so much for the opportunity!


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