Sarina Cover Letter – Corin Grillo opportunity

Dear Corin,

I’m excited that this cover letter will be unique to any I’ve ever written! Growing up I experienced loss and a NDE which has left me sensitive to energies – something I’m aware of and embrace on a personal level but have not shared with people outside of my family. My passion and experience are with project management, website development, market research and customer service (the kind that leaves a valuable, lasting impression).

I currently work as a project manager handling data, web and marketing projects for million-dollar revenue accounts. Twice a week I’m able to work remotely and the experience has been incredibly eye opening as I’ve felt the energy within my home shift from stress to purpose and meaning. I’m sure that the productivity gained by avoiding 3 hours in traffic on those days is a factor! Given this, my resolution for 2018 is to be able to work remotely every day, long term.

Over all, I believe that your incredible program can benefit from my abilities in the following areas:

• Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, JIRA, Salesforce, Slack, WordPress (HTML + CSS), Google & Microsoft Suites
• Experience managing complex projects, across internationally distributed teams
• Tech savvy, Jane-of-all-trades with an upbeat and solution oriented attitude
• Belief that customer service and communication are the backbone of success
• Mother of two girls, ages 6 and 10, whom I daily work to inspire through my own career

I’m a quick learner looking for a long-term opportunity where I can continue to grow and impact the world remotely. I welcome the chance to speak with you sometime!

Warm regards,



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