Sandra Possing

Dear Sandra:

I am writing in response to your posting on for an Administrative Virtual Assistant. First, I admit I peeked at your website and can I just say you are who I wanted to be? I am a certified Life Coach, who pursued coaching in a different aspect: working with new and expectant moms sharing information regarding child development and assisting them in learning how to set and reach goals. Before this position, I ran and operated my own Virtual Assistant business for six years. To say I have a lot to offer you, including being the youngest 52 year old you will ever meet, might be an understatement! (And I keep wanting to post smiley faces in here, but I am pretty sure that is even more frowned up.)

Seriously though, I do have more than twenty years’ experience working as an Executive Assistant, Customer Service Representatives, and learning whatever I could to be a valued asset to the company. I do consider myself to be funny (others may disagree), positive, obsessed with personal development, and a two year Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor. I also consider myself a ‘healer’, which is what called me to coaching to begin with, and I see that being applied to you in this position. I am very adept at identifying ways to streamline tasks, and work hard at being a consistent learning to continue improving my skills.

While I am not skilled in all programs you have listed, I am skilled in:
Photoshop – entry level

Do I sound like the person you need? If so, I am very eager to speak with you. I’ve attached my resume to this posting for your review. I sincerely hope to hear from you soon.


Myra J. Horner

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