Ruthy Kirwan: Cover Letter

March 10, 2018
To Whom It May Concern,

First, let me say that I’m thrilled you are seeking out my cover letter! I was recommended to by a friend who has found success in remote positions listed on the site, and she has such good things to say about the entire experience. I’ve always been fascinated by social media and online marketing, so this is an exciting opportunity for me and I’m so happy to be considered – thank you!

Briefly, I’ve been involved in the online space and social media for years, and not just from a personal standpoint (although I love it for my personal life and social connections!) My family owns and IT company, and other than growing up around computers and knowing them like a second language, I have been in charge of the business’ online presence and marketing efforts since 2013. I’m the voice on social media for our company and brand, and I write our bi-weekly newsletters that go out to hundreds to local small business owners interested in technology for their company.

In 2011, I started a (now-defunct) blog, and quickly got acclimated to marketing, branding, and using social media as a marketing tool to both create awareness of my website and connect with readers.
The blog went dark in 2014 when my daughter was born, but in 2016 I started it again and have enjoyed a small level of success.

On a personal note, I’m passionate about connecting consumers and fans to the right brands, developing the relationship between the two, and seeing how social media can connect people of all ages and locations. I’m deadline driven, focused, easy to work with, concise, well-written, and friendly.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for your time,

Ruthy Kirwan

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