Ruthless Editor CV

Dear Kathy,
I am a seasoned CPG professional with nineteen years experience in account management, research, brand strategy and copywriting. At Bluedog Design, I actively contributed to the “Global Safari,” by categorizing emerging trends and making them applicable to my clients.
As a market reporter for Burgerville, I researched competitor’s information on product and service offerings, coupons and rewards and how they are being delivered to consumers. I tracked consumer reactions to marketplace news (a la how are Burger King consumers reacting to the tomato shortage). I also dug up stats on advertising spending, sales results and general industry data like what percentage of the coffee business is ice coffee (A: 20%).
As a self-motivated entrepreneur, I’ve created workflows, analyzed research data, and was completely responsible for all aspects of business. As a business owner and in my account management role at LAGA (Now Brand Image), I presented information, design options and strategies, and workflow product lifecycles to large groups.
I welcome an interview to qualify any questions you may have, and to better understand where I can apply my skills and experience to be a best in class performer at Ruthless Editor.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Cristin Frank

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