Rockstar Virtual Assistant – CAN DO ANYTHING!

I am not the typical “these are my 5 duties” employee- I want to understand and learn about your business so that I know where/when/how to insert myself to make things run smoothly. I always say if I do my job correctly, things are profitable, less stressful and you are happy without knowing half of what I did! Given my background, I believe your company is a great fit.

Being fortunate enough to have worked contract positions for some fantastic companies has allowed me to learn so many businesses. In all of my roles, there has been an element of working from home, social media and being available during off times. I met all my goals and achieved great success.

I worked in a contract position for LCRA during the water utility divestiture and have included a letter from the manager of that department. I believe it speaks to the ability to adapt and learn quickly in order to make a big impact. I am seeking a great job, where my skills and personality can ensure great stability, company growth and one where I can benefit the team or person I work with every day.

If you notice the gap in my resume when my last contract ended I took time off to spend with my mom who was terminal. I am beyond ready to sink my teeth into a great job and watch the company have massive success. I look forward to a response to set up a personal interview. You will not be wasting your time.

Thank you in advance,

Pam Massey

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