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My name is Peggy Conrad. I am the owner of Virago Virtual Assisting. I am an individual not an agency and I have a total of 20 years of administrative experience. This is my passion and I do it well!

I am knowledgeable in WordPress and have experience is social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.). I love researching and I am usually the person people come to in order to find things. I take it as an enjoyed challenge to bring the best data to the table.
I am a self-motivated, organized professional. This is why I am able to operate and do effective work in a timely manner. I believe without organization things are left undone or overlooked. I am extremely detail oriented, prioritize my time, and dot every “i” and cross every “t”.

Through the diverse facets of my career I have gained experience in coordinating emails, calendars, and appointments so that you never miss anything important to the success of your business.
I am fluent in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Visio), Google Apps (Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets), Adobe Reader, Photoshop, and many more. I currently operate under QuickBooks for accounting, but have the mentality to learn any program at an adequate pace.

I can work in any industry and not only adapt to the process per the company but also improve them where needed. I am highly professional with a huge dose of friendliness. The two should always go hand in hand.

I look forward to an opportunity to assist you in all your administrative needs. I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to speaking to you. Have a wonderful day!

With Stellar Regards,
Peggy N. Conrad
Virago Virtual Assisting
O: 1 (844)435-7882
C: 281-731-7475
Skype: Virago_VA

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