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Hello Christina,

I hope that you are having a great day. Even though I don’t consider myself a spiritual person, I find myself going back to The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I received it anonymously from a friend, I later found out who sent it, a little over a year ago right after I had my baby. I reach for it when I need to put myself in a positive state of mind and to remind myself that whatever I put out into the universe comes back to me. It keeps me focused on my goal, keeps me appreciative and thankful for all that I have, and keeps me focused on all things positive that are going on around me.

My name is Meliseta Shand. I currently live in New Brunswick, NJ. That would be the Eastern time zone, and my phone number is 732-322-6430.

I work as an Administrative Assistant at a university. I supervise student workers, do payroll, requisitions and purchase orders for my department, paperwork for reimbursable business expenses, journal entries, and a bit of funds auditing along with all the usual and expected office duties of an office administrator. Basically, this place falls apart without me (meant as a joke but very true).

I would be a 10 on the scale when it comes to the longevity of the position that I am looking for. I have no experience as a virtual assistant, but I would definitely rock the position. I enjoy learning new things and all the challenges that the task my bring. I’m a super fast learner with a sharp eye for details, I like to work with minimal supervision, and I take great pride in my work. Most of my work experience is in administration, and I’ve also worked as a web portal administrator, teacher, and child care provider. My greatest strength is my passion for learning and not being afraid to ask questions. I take advantage of all development courses my currently employer offers. I’m also in the process of learning how to develop google apps and learning French on my own.

This position interests me because I am looking to transition to a work at home position that would allow me the flexibility and time to take better care of my family and myself. This position would also present the opportunity to learn something new, and to also offer my skills and knowledge to a position and a company that would hopefully appreciate my efforts and hard work. I am a direct and honest communicator, and I like to get straight to the point. I have not mastered the skill of sugar coating my words when trying to get my point across, so that would be one of my short comings. I’ve also been told that I am very impatient. After I have given specific directions of have specified what is needed, I expect results shortly after and I don’t like to repeat myself. I’ve realized that not everyone works at my pace, and everyone has their own style of communication. So I have been working on emotional intelligence and learning to be more patient.

Two sites that I visit regularly are and One I visit for business ideas, and the other for ideas of better ways to take care of my family’s health, two things that I am passionate about.

Since this is a part time position, I would be looking to earn $25 per hour for my skills and experience. I would be an asset to your company and I would appreciate the opportunity to offer my services to you. Please contact me if you would like more information. I hope to hear from you soon.


Meliseta Shand

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