Ricki Heller Virtual Assistant

Hello Ricki, ,

My name is Sabra and I have been working as a Virtual Assistant for five plus years providing virtual support for professionals in the health and wellness industry.

My role with clients depends on their needs. I have lots of experience with all the tasks you outlined in the job description. In addition to the technical knowledge cited in the description I possess all the qualifications you have listed. I have been working with WordPress for several years and am comfortable with all the back end operations. I have also built WordPress sites and am familiar with some basic coding. I have knowledge and experience with Word and AWeber and can easily do what you have listed. I am very familiar with Evernote and became a Certified Evernote Consultant in the fall. I have been using it both professionally and personally and would not know what I would do without it. It is one of my favourite tools! I also have worked extensively with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram creating and curating content, as well as, creating graphics. I use Canva and Pic Monkey for my graphic design work.

I am familiar with your work and blog as I have worked with a couple of gluten-free companies, Allergic Solution and the Gluten Free Smart Store. I also worked with Kathy Smart and the Live The Smart Way Expo. Part of that work is being familiar with people in the industry. I would not call it work though as I am naturally interested in nutrition and integrative medicine. I am open to Skype communication (I also like zoom.us ) or phone calls.

Natural health has always interested me. I became a Clinical Herbalist in 2000 and have continued to increase my knowledge of natural health which has lead me to manage a health food store, work in a natural apothecary, have a private practice & work in the professional supplement industry. How does that relate to being a Virtual Assistant? Well, I am also ‘techy’ and a social media geek. I started working with health product businesses, nutritionists and integrative health professionals by creating and managing their social media accounts, editing blog posts and creating newsletters. They didn’t need to explain the natural health industry to me, just their particular needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you’re having a lovely day.

Best wishes,

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