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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and share with you all of the experience and qualifications that would make me an exceptional member of your team. I am an Art Consulting professional in search of some outside projects while i fill in the time gaps of my own start up endeavors. Through my extensive experience, I am accutely aware of the changing nature of business needs and importance of flexibility. I am a vibrant leader, a determined learner, and a lover of all things creative. I’m a mama of two and a wife of one.

Beyond my specific consultation experience, the general needs of being your own boss and maintaining a 15+ year client base speak volumes of my ability to get the job done. My success has relied on having the disposition, motivation, and organization it takes to successfully manage dozens of outside resources to meet my client’s needs. Problem solving is another imperative skill that I’ve had to master as the person in charge. There is no shortage of problems when you’re relying on so many to reach the end goal with the level of quality and timeliness that you expect. Thorough communication, planning, and proactive solutions are a must!
Sourcing new talent and finding fresh, progressive ideas to present have kept me in business. It’s a necessity, but I love it!

I’d be thrilled at the opportunity to learn more about the role you have available. Please take a look at my resume and contact me at any time to arrange further discussions.

Rebecca Gregerson

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