Return to Work


My name is Adrian Brown and I am very interested in learning more about this role and discussing my strengths with you further. I am looking to return to the workforce after taking a bit of time off to stay home with my children, and I really cannot explain how excited I am to jump back in. I am eager to pursue a long-term career path in data, analytics, and add to my business administration repertoire along the way.

I have a very sharp eye for detail and I love to plan and organize the work in front of me before diving into it. I am always ready to start a new project or add to my workload because I absolutely love to stay busy. I am passionate about technology and software development, and I love spending time learning more about data science, machine learning, and the future of data analytics through resources such as Coursera’s Specialization Programs or Linkedin Learning’s online courses.

Through my previous employment as a technical support representative and administrative coordinator, I worked as a cohesive part of a team while also managing projects, clientele, and rapport independently. I am very tech-savvy, with substantial experience managing and evaluating data. I type at about 115 words per minute and I am familiar with troubleshooting most basic office hardware and almost any software. I work well with people due to the reflection of my time in customer service but I am also very task-focused.

I am very interested in learning more about this opportunity, and I am attaching my resume in hopes that you will feel that I would make a great fit for this position as well. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much for your time.


Adrian Brown

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