Retailing Cover Letter

I am absolutely thrilled to be applying for this position. I am passionate about Retail and Footwear and have worked in the industry all my life. I am highly motivated, excellent at communication, and friendly and fearless. After raising three boys, I have perfected the art of multitasking which makes me ideal candidate for companies who are attracted to Jack-of-All-Trade types. As I often say – “there is no job in retail that I haven’t done!”

I recently re-entered the workforce and am currently working as an E-commerce Merchandiser with a strong Marketing influence for a footwear company, Yosi Samra. I work on all projects that relate directly to the consumer including customer service, photo shoots, content creation, shopping experience, and hosting a weekly Facebook Live segment to build brand awareness and educate on our products. While at this company, I have been able to utilize all my past experience in retail and apply it to the digital world, which has obviously exploded in the time I was away raising my children. It has been great to see how to apply my knowledge in a difference capacity as well as learn so much more about the technical side of the business. I have been an eBay seller for 13+ years, I have sold on Magento platform websites, as well as via numerous brick and mortar stores.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak more to you about my qualifications and your needs. I can be reached at 917-558-4652 or

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