Results Driven MBA

Dear Recruiter,

Your listing was posted on Currently I am employed as a full-time Practice Administrator for a functional medicine doctor in Texas. After 6 years of streamlining the operations for this practice, I find that I can take on other assignments and still maintain my duties to this practice. When I read your listing, I was intrigued as this could be mutually beneficial.

With a Master of Business Administration, my work experience includes not only 14 years of direct management within healthcare, but I also operated within a Human Resources capacity in the military. Throughout my career I have been tasked with employing an entire emergency department within a hospital to maintaining a lean team at a private practice. My primary focus, no matter the size of the company, was to optimize operations and increase revenue. By reducing overhead and implementing procedures I have a proven track record of not only meeting but exceeding company goals.

My philosophy in life is that we can never stop learning and growing, I do this through continued education and challenges. This position would allow me the opportunity to utilize my skills and you the security of a results driven professional. I welcome the opportunity to learn more about your company and this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Celeste Valle

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