Rebecca Michi – Cover Letter

Hi Rebecca,

Sites like yours are GOLD for women in my position. The fact that your goal is help moms get actual sleep makes me want to help your business grow. I am a problem solver. I thrive on being the one people depend on to get the job done right and on time. You need someone you can trust to keep everything running smoothly and someone who understands the importance of serving your clients well. This is someone who will tell you when help is needed long before a problem arises. I am that person. I am an excellent communicator and consider professionalism and customer service my best qualities.

I am highly organized and know I could be your go to problem solver virtual assistant extraordinaire. Late last year, I trained through the Virtual Assistant Academy which included WordPress, ConvertKit, and all things Facebook. I have six years of corporate experience and another two years in the small business world. During these roles, I regularly worked from home so also understand the unique requirements necessary to work successfully in this setting. I also hold a Masters degree in Business with a bachelors in International Business.

I have taken time off to be with my now two-year old son. After being at home, I have realized that I need to work to be happy. I enjoy that productive stress and the feeling of not only doing a job well but exceeding the expectations of my employer and/or client(s). I am also expecting my second child in April. Of my past roles, I could easily go back to those former bosses/co-workers and be hired on again. I’ve always held a very high level of pride in my work. However, I no longer desire to work 45-60 hours a week. This role sounds like exactly what I am looking for not only because it is part time, but because I feel I would really enjoy the role and based on your posting and website, I think our personalities would mesh well. Did I mention I have a two-year old and am soon to have a newborn?
I would love to speak with you more regarding your needs to see how I can help your business run more smoothly so you can continue to exceed expectations.

Kind Regards,
Amy Tofaute

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