Real Estate VA

Hi there!

I’m Honey and I am interested in the job you just posted.I believe that my skills can match to this position. I have been a Real Estate VA for two years and have been doing the following:

*gathering property information from sellers/agents
*desktop appraisals and repair estimations
*analyzing deals and its scope of work
*evaluating deals on MLS and writing offers
*negoatiating with sellers
*marketing strategies
*pitching for private money
*qualifying buyers for hard money
*wholesaling & rehabbing
*property sales
*getting contractors

I am intelligent, organized and thorough in checking work details, I am capable of doing the right decision and never afraid to asks questions and if I don’t know the answer, I suggest what is the best thing to do. I always try to keep in mind what is good for the company I am working for. My real strength is my attention to detail. I pride myself on my reputation for following through and meeting deadlines. When I commit to doing something, I make sure it gets done, and on time. I am someone with excellent English and make perfect sense and be very compelling. I am confident that I have the skills you need. And thus, would make a great addition to your team. I am reliable and I strive in giving satisfaction to both consumers and clients by providing and assuring them the highest international standards of quality services. I’ll make sure that I can offer diversity, flexibility and independence to make you satisfied with my work. I have my own computer with high speed internet.

I have versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience. I am a cheerful and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and achieving personal goals. My core competencies, aside from being a computer savvy, also focus on the general office administration tasks, social media marketing and search engine optimization. I’m keen to details, organized, task-oriented, result-oriented, deadline-driven, professional.This has been my bread and butter that is why I take my job seriously.

I appreciate your taking the time to look at my letter and profile.Thank you so much for your consideration.

Very Respectfully Yours,

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