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December 5, 2018

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RE: Social Media Associate

Dear Rapunzelites:

They don’t call it the Wild West for nothing.

Where I live, in a tiny mountain town populated with more sagebrush than people, it requires creativity just to survive. We cobble things together here. Fences are fun amalgamations of adobe, latilla, and river rocks; a livelihood might include the duties of summer rafting guide and winter ski instructor, with weekends of bartending thrown in for good measure. Northern New Mexico is, at its heart, a place that summons innovation and faith in those who choose to call it home. This is but one of many reasons why I love it.

I suppose you might say that Rapunzel Creative and I are both pioneers. In fact, I think there are lots of things that we have in common: I adore details; I’m always helping someone with their social media content; and animals hold a special place in my heart. My website, www.melissaglarner.com, is a great resource to learn more about me, and to see examples of my published work. I am currently an independent writer and editor, and I assist area artists in creating their books, websites, and other promotional materials.

Of course, there’s more to me than just a deep appreciation of the written word. I spent the last couple of decades gleaning all kinds of skills that would serve Rapunzel Creative and its clients well. Unless it involves finding my car in a crowded parking lot, I usually excel at whatever task is put before me.

My 10+ years of experience in fine art sales has taught me the value of building strong customer relationships through honest communication and a sincere desire to help others. Sales is never about numbers. Social media marketing, at its best, is about strategically fostering authentic connections. Success just naturally follows.

When I consider the entire arc of my life, I realize how perfectly prepared I am for the job of social media associate with Rapunzel. I am a helper at my core. Even as a child, I looked for those who could most benefit from what I had to give. The only difference between then and now is in the wealth of information and skills that I have acquired.

I would love to set up a phone call or Skype session to discuss how I could add value to your company. Reading the customer testimonials for Rapunzel Creative gave me goosebumps. A person just knows when something feels like the right fit.

I look forward to speaking with you soon, and I thank you for your consideration.

Warmest regards,
Melissa Glarner

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