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Dear Lynn,

I am the Social Media Coordinator for you! As a seasoned marketing professional with years in the industry. I have experience designing, implementing and managing both traditional and digital marketing campaigns for various types of companies. The past 4 1/2 years I have been working remotely creating, managing, tracking and analyzing digital, social media and email marketing campaigns.

Building and maintaining business relationships through various marketing strategies is what I excel in. Whether I am challenged with developing new marketing campaigns; creating and writing marketing content or advertising for social media and website content, I produce results. My passion for delivering fresh innovative marketing solutions, enthusiasm as a people person, and proven marketing experience make me a natural for this position. From seeking out new customers through various types of marketing campaigns to building new client relationships and maintaining long-standing ones, I have a diverse grasp of marketing, sales, and customer service relationship management that spans years. These are only some of the skills I offer.

I have performed business analysis to determine marketing plans that would allow for optimal market share growth, new product entry into a market, or increase brand awareness in order to leverage brand equities.

In my role as new products development consultant to leading Fortune 500 Consumer Products companies, I worked closely with their marketing departments heading up projects to develop actionable new product, packaging, and technology ideas that led to new product introductions that are in the market today. In this position I worked with companies in the U.S. and abroad.

As a freelance marketer, I have increased customer traffic and sales for companies and practices by creating, developing and analyzing traditional and social media and digital campaigns while coordinating these efforts with local radio and TV ads. I write and design marketing materials such as; email “drip” campaigns, brochures, blog and social media posts for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram; as well as website and social media content, landing pages, newsletters, digital ads and press releases.

I am a very dedicated team player with excellent creative, writing, project management and multi-tasking skills which lead to meeting project deadlines. I am very computer savvy and will pick up systems quickly. I am proficient in: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google programs. I have used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. inbound marketing and CRM programs like WordPress, Google Analytics, Click Funnels, Mail Chimp, Thrive Hive, Sales force, and Constant Contact.

Please contact me to further discuss how my skills and experience would be an excellent fit for this position and your company.

Thank you.

Julie Peters
(847) 431-9820

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