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RE: Content and Project Manager

Dear Maire Shanahan,

This cover letter will be different than any I have ever written because I AM your Purple Unicorn. Allow me to explain why I have such a strong resignation with this position, why it is truly my calling, and why I might just be the perfect fit for you. As I scrolled through many opportunities on Hiremymom.com I did a double-take when I saw your company name. I was certain there could be no way it meant what I thought it meant and that I really need step out of my mommy zone for a bit and get my head in the “job search” game. After reviewing the details of this position I was completely giddy and compelled to get out of bed (and we all know how precious sleep can be for new parents) and apply immediately. I must say, however, I have been extremely lucky with two amazing sleepers!

I recently resigned from my position (of six years) as a Community Manager of a large apartment community back in September as I prepared for the arrival of our second child. I have been fortunate enough this time to enjoy some extra time with my family after our son was born, but I am equally excited to start my career again and hit the ground running. In fact, I’ve never been so excited to redirect my career and really take the time and consideration to find a position that allows my passions, work ethic, and knowledge shine through. Although family is my number one priority, my career is incredibly important to me as I need a fulfilling position in which I can contribute in a meaningful way. It’s not often people are able to say they love what they do, but in the instance of this position (with Pumpables) I know this could be true.

I have an (almost) three year old and a four month old in which I take my breastfeeding journey very seriously. Having a reliable pump is like having a reliable partner – without it, my journey would not be nearly the success it has been with both of my children. My breast pump has allowed me the ability to produce more than I need, thus giving me an incredible comfort and peace of mind. It has allowed me to leave my precious little one in the care of others to enjoy time away with the comfort in providing him with breastmilk 100 percent of the time. With my first child, my breast pump enabled me to reach my goal of exclusively breastfeeding my sweet babe for the full first year of his life while enjoying a full time (very demanding) career. I believe so much in these devices that I would love nothing more than provide support in creating the very best pump on the market. I could also be of great value in testing the product and providing invaluable feedback and review first hand.

I’ll be very forthcoming in letting you know that I haven’t had the opportunity to work remotely before, but rest assured that I am incredibly self-motivated, responsible, and passionate about doing an exceptional job. What I love most about the prospect of working remotely is allowing myself to work in an environment that inspires productivity, efficiency and creativity. The ability to fully emerge into my work without people walking into my office all day and the phone ringing off the hook is something I long for. The feeling of accomplishment when being able to work in a quiet and productive environment is one I know I would succeed in. I understand the need to be available, answer calls, and video chat is a crucial one and an imperative part of this position’s success. Please don’t mistake my prior statement as the inability to be completely available as necessary.

A Purple Unicorn is one who stands out from the pack, who possesses all the best features in one dynamite package. I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with you further to prove to you that I can be yours. Please feel free to contact me at (303) 204-2404 or shanneliz, as I look very forward to hearing from you!

Very Sincerely,

Shannon Culp

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