Proven Accounting Professional

I’ve always considered myself to be marketable, my resume is strong and my skill set is expansive and defined. I have worked in many different office environments, across different industries, in all facets of accounting.

Here is the reality, I am just another resume falling across the desk of a busy hiring manager, and I haven’t learned how to stand out on paper. I loved working, and the commute of leaving home and going in to an office setting. As I am getting older, more settled, and learning the ways of the world, I understand that I can be of the same value working from home. My daughter entered Junior High this year, and plays sports so being at home to shuttle her around would be an amazing benefit to working from home. At the end of the day, is it not about the quality of the product you offer to your employer?

I have a proven track record of accounting experience, through temporary/contract positions, permanent employment opportunities, and volunteer work.
I have used cloud based accounting software for several years doing accounting for a family business and another friend who owns a small business. I am extremely organized, and prefer a spreadsheet, planner (on paper), and color coding style work ethic. I operate under deadlines, goals, and end product requirements. I am personable, relatable, and quick witted when needed. Customer service has been a major part of many of my past roles, and has always been part of what I do. From waitressing in high school, bartending in college, collections specialist in early mother hood, and accounting professional in my 20s, my life revolves around people and numbers. Which is funny now, because 15 years ago I’d have told you I’d be a lawyer. I found what I was good at, and I perfected it. I took the time to take online courses, free webinars, playing with downloadable software, teaching myself anything and everything I could to make myself desirable to a potential employer. Now, I just need an opportunity to prove it to you.

That’s what I am hoping to accomplish through this letter. I want offer a clear perimeter of what I am professionally capable of, while also highlighting my personality. I am available to discuss my strengths and assets in more detail if needed, anytime during the week.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position, and hopefully I am the right candidate for the job.

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