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Hi Sacred Science Team,

I applied earlier by sending my resume to the email address noted in the post. However to err on the side of caution I thought to apply via the HireMyMom platform as well. I realize this position is likely already filled – but feel I must give the application my best shot as I don’t know many other positions where my keeping sage for burning handy in my desk drawer might be a qualifier 🙂

I’m an experienced project manager and mother of two girls. Three things are my passion: being a mom, natural living and managing innovative business projects.

I have 8+ years of experience managing technical web building, web content, marketing and other operational projects for nonprofits as well as high profile business accounts. I consider myself a Jane-of-All trades and am enthusiastic to take on new areas and stretch my own learning. My girls, nearly 7 and 11 years old, are both proud of their working mom. This week I’m wrapping up a full-time 6 month contract which allowed me to work remotely a few times a week, the experience was enriching for me since I’m always thinking/working in my mind and appreciated how much work I could accomplish for the company and for my family who could still feel my presence on those days.

When I was 20, my grandmother gave me a book entitled ‘Ultraprevention’. It began my journey towards healthy living. My older sisters and I struggled with illnesses and premature aging and I – especially – had a TSH throid level of 12+. Today my coworkers believe I’m 10 years younger than my real age and people would not guess that in my past I was plagued with a battle against acne, weight and auto-immune disorders. The idea of uniting my personal passion for natural living with my professional enthusiasm for driving projects and problem solving is thrilling to consider.

I would welcome the chance to speak with you sometime!

Warm regards,


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