Project Manager – Judolaunch

Dear Chris,

I am interested in the role you have posted on Hire my Mom website for the Project Manager with Amazon Experience.

Just to point out there is a spelling mistake on your advert, Experience is spelt “Expierence”, instead of Experience. I’m a bit pedantic about these kind of things, sorry.
I feel I would be the perfect fit for this position as I am detailed orientated and organized and happy to step in and help whenever needed. I have extensive experience working with Global Companies and am comfortable communicating as part of a team, but I am happy to independently get on and work on the task at hand.
I live by checklists as a mom of two boys, I am always checking my calendar and my lists and take satisfaction in checking off items from the list once they have been completed.
You can see from my resume my previous experience was working with an E Commerce company that sold all their products on Amazon and as you can see from my resume I have a lot of Amazon experience. I am also familiar with your company as while I was working at Willow and Everett, we hired Judolaunch to do work with us to increase our exposure on Amazon, I worked with Dirk Pua and Hans Baetson to get our business set up.

Communicating with Vendors – I would be the point person between the Vendor/Manufacturer and I would liase with them on placing new orders/tracking the status of production/arrange for inspections and shipping of the products

Task Completion with offshore team – we would have a customer service team in the Philippines who I would deal with frequently about handling tasks and processes and I would follow up with them if these were not done/received in a timely manner.

Finance/adhoc administrative tasks – I was tasked with reconciling invoices/bank statements, liasing with the bookkeeper for the business, setting up new subscriptions. Another task of mine was setting up wire transfers for payment of product samples, Manufacturer orders and staff salary payments.

Create Training Videos – I would pull together a lot of Procedures that were created as documents, in some cases we would use Loom to create a video for our colleagues in the Philippines to help them understand the process better. The documents would have screenshots and step by step instructions to ensure anyone new who joins the company can read the processes and are able to be effective quickly. We worked internationally and therefore it was important that processes were consistently performed by all team mates.

I am confident that my knowledge and expertise will allow me to make a valuable contribution to your company and would enjoy speaking with you to explore this opportunity further.

Please contact me to arrange a convenient time to talk, I would like to find out more about the role whether it is full time or part time, as I am particularly interested in a part time position at this time

Thank you for your time and consideration


Leigh-Ann Du Toit
Tel: 617 9811531