Product descriptions

Please consider my application for the writing and editing position. I believe my CV speaks for itself, I have over 15 years experience in Marketing and Brand Management from a client side point of view. I also have 4 years professional writing expertise, much of which has been spent creating product descriptions for other brands.

I am a keen wine enthusiast, Im a brit living in Cape Town and so, wine tasting at the vineyards is a regular weekend activity. In addition my husband worked for Diageo for 5 years, so I am very familiar with creating product descriptions and the marketing of wines and spirits.

I can work approx 5 hours a day and generally work at a fast pace. Im happy to be paid by the hour or by product description. Including the meta tag section, the descriptions will be approx 200 words, if they are pretty straightforward I could do 200 words for $2.50. For the longer Brand description which will require some research, I’d say they will take minimum half an hour, so Id be look at approx $8.

I am struggling to work out how to attach copies of my previous writing work (I’ve only just signed up to the site). If you are interested, please send me your email and I will send them on directly.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
Nadine Murphy

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