Priscilla Cover Letter

Priscilla Serna
2501 W. Orange Grove Rd Apt 18
Tucson, AZ 85741

July 19th, 2017

Michele Williams
Scarlet Thread Consulting

Dear Ms Williams,

I am interested in the Virtual Assistant position, as advertised for your company. I have worked in marketing before and I believe I would be an excellent fit for this position after reading the requirements you are looking for.

I worked as an account executive for KFMA, a radio station here in Tucson, AZ. I gained lots of experience in marketing and sales while on this job and was able to build many relationships with potential customers that we had.

I know that in marketing, your relationships with others are of the most importance and I would be able to build steady relationships with many of your clients.

I also have experience maintaining, updating and creating websites and social media for various companies in the Tucson area. I believe being technologically savvy would help me for this position.

I am confident that my experience in these various fields makes me a great candidate for this position. I hope to meet and speak to you soon and hopefully learn more about the job.


Priscilla Serna

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