Press Release Editor – HomeNative Limited

Dear Ms. Thompson:
Hi. Thanks for considering my application for the position of press release editor with HomeNative Limited. Since taking early retirement from my prior company (where I served 21 years as a technical editor/writer), I’ve worked part-time freelancing book editing, starting an online website, and other freelance work, including writing some press releases. (I also often wrote press releases for my office at my former job.)

I’ve attached the 150-word piece on “Why I Love Writing” below the signature block of this cover letter.

I look forward to talking with you regarding the press release editor position. I’m available to begin work immediately. Thanks.

Vicky Potter

Why I Love Writing

It’s not a question of loving writing, necessarily, as of being compelled to write. Of course, for someone who grew up partly in a zoo (almost literally) and whose family once rented an old Southern antebellum with an onsite Civil-War-age cemetery and the requisite ghost (albeit a 1970s version versus a Civil War spook)–what else is there to do except write?

I wrote my first poem when I was about eight years old. The writing might have started with my determination (as the middle of seven children) to keep up with my two oldest sisters, who both started writing prolifically at young ages. But I think the writing “bug” is actually genetic. One aunt who researched our family discovered that for the last six generations, each generation of our family had at least one, if not more, author, poet, or newspaper publisher. Thus, I write on!

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