PreparaKit Cover Letter

Madelyn Plummer
3601 West Broadway Apt 7204
Columbia, Mo 65203

December 12, 2018,
To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter to apply for the part time blogger position at PreparaKit. I personally can relate to the mission – motherhood is not an easy job and any product that can help us be more prepared and equipped, is of great value and especially when it comes to the safety of our children. As a new mother myself, I can personally relate to the values that PreparaKit works by. I seek peace of mind, community, and empowerment daily. I want to be part of an organization that values those things, but to also be able to provide that peace of mind, community, and empowerment to other moms would be a true joy. It is obvious that PreparaKit offers all of these things.
The Blogger position requires an understanding and application of key skills and attributes including but not limited to: written skills, self-management, multi-tasking, research, and communication. I have a love for writing, which is what lead me to start my personal blog a couple years ago. Over the past couple years, I have come to enjoy researching different topics of interest and sharing my findings in an effort to help others. I also have a deep love for people and most specifically, empowering other women. On my personal blog, I am honest and vulnerable because I feel that is the only way to truly connect with other women. I want to be a part of something greater than myself. I want to be a part of creating a community where mothers can be honest and find encouragement. I believe that not only my skills, but who I am as a person, qualify me for the position and that I could be a great asset to the company. Please feel free to contact me either by phone or email. I appreciate your time and for considering me for the position.
Madelyn Plummer

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