PPC Marketing Assistant — October Marketing

Dear Jonathan:
Hi. I’m extremely interested in your available position for a PPC marketing assistant for October Marketing. I’ve been working as a writer/editor for the past 30+ years. However, I have done some internet work, including creating a basic horse training guide (about 10 years ago or so) that I sold successfully online using Google AdWords. (I’m sure Adwords has changed since then but I don’t remember having much trouble figuring it out.) I wound up letting the site lapse because I was still working full time (including massive amounts of overtime) as a technical editor and simply didn’t have time to keep up with the site.
I had to include a resume with the application process, but note that it is for my past work as an editor. I believe I fit the qualifications you stated in the job announcement — I usually learn programs easily, am used to working independently (but asking questions if I’m unsure of things), and used to following explicit guides and directions. For example, as a technical editor I worked with a number of different formats, some for the company and some for specific clients, so I had to pay close attention to such details. I would enjoy talking with you about the jobs you might need a US assistant to help you with. I’m available to begin work immediately. Thanks.
Vicky Potter
Skype — vicky.potter.6

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