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June 12, 2018

Dear Helen,

I am a capable, hardworking mother currently going through a transition away from care-taking work, and back into a professional administrative role. I began working as an administrative and accounting assistant at 14, and continued until my first child was born. Now that they are school-age, and I very much looking forward to jumping back in to regular administrative work.

I have beautiful handwriting, am dependable and represent myself well through a very strong work ethic. Because I am new to the world of virtual work, I am happy to accept an hourly wage toward the lower end of your range.

I should also say, I love the products Phil Williams has created! I am very passionate about no- and low-waste products, and encourage people often to get away from one-use products (like Keurig) not only because it’s wasteful, but because there are much better and tastier options out there. The pour over brewer is beautiful.

Thank you for considering me.


Jacquelyn Fleck

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