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Dear Ms. Zazza:

I would like to submit my resume for your review of the Virtual Assistant position you have listed here on Hiremymom.com. As my resume will show, I have numerous years of varied experience in many different administrative tasks and duties. While I was not clear if you were looking for a virtual assistant or not, I opted to submit my resume either way, as I believe I would be a good asset to your company.

In addition to my qualifications presented on my resume, you may find it of interest to know I have been a dog owner/trainer for the past 30+ years. My current dog, Harley, and I have been working on service dog training, as well as agility. I share this because I believe it presents a better case for stating I completely understand how much pets mean to their humans. With my excellent customer service skills, ability to learn and process new programs quickly and proficiently, and my attention to detail, I feel I would present many, if not all, of the skills you are looking for.

I also have a connection with this as I currently signed up on Rover.com. I realize this is a different program from yours, however, I believe it gave me a good idea of what your process might be.

I would love the opportunity to talk with you and share with you how I can reach all the qualifications you are looking for in your Virtual Assistant. I look forward to hearing from you!


Myra Horner

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