Podcast Support

Hello Peter,

I have reviewed your description of tasks and can assist you with all that you have listed. I would like to offer my quote of $25/per episode edit, plus $15/per episode administrative support to include the uploads and blog post.

I can:
1. Combine all sections
2. Upload to Youtube
3. Extract the audio file (in .wma or .mp3 format)
5. Create a new blog post with the links accordingly onto your established blog site

I am unfamiliar with the steps involved with uploading to libsyn or iTunes. But with instruction I’m confident I can do it.

If you would like to contract my services please email me at mjyurick@gmail.com.

My enclosed resume will give you a better understanding of my background and skills. I am available for part-time work, best suited for late evening and weekend hours. Thank you for reviewing my resume.

Tina Yurick

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