Pixel Happy LLC – Marketing/PR


I am applying for this position because I have the skills and experience you are looking for. In addition, I am definitely a consumer tech enthusiast, as I definitely cannot see myself living without my smartphone computer and the internet!

My background is in Marketing where I have had opportunity through the years to develop my creative abilities, as well as my writing skills. My experience entails working with clients in the consumer products industry to create and write new product concept ideas to gain entry into a new market or increase brand awareness in order to leverage brand equites for a particular brand. Along with that, I have developed and managed marketing projects, written material for brochures, newsletters, print ads and press releases.
I am a very detail oriented person with excellent written and verbal communication skills. I work well with people in all levels of a company and understand how important a great client relationship is.

I would like to talk with you further about my background and this position.

Thank you.
Julie Peters
(847) 431-9820

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