Photographer, Ready to Shoot!

Hi Dave,

I see you’re looking for a photographer to shoot some stellar feature shots of your Old Moscow Mugs. I checked out your Instagram and website, I think that I could create some beautiful images that will make your mugs jump into people’s hands!

I believe my background in both fine art and product photography will be a big plus, as well as my strong design aesthetic and attention to detail. And most importantly, I love photographing people’s products and being able to uplift their brand through my images. Passion is definitely key.

I took the liberty of doing a few test shots this morning, with nothing more than a few cups/mugs from around the house, some juice, and some mint from our garden. Please take a look here:

A few side notes:
– I have over 5 years of experience as a blogger and do plenty of social media for my own business as well, so I’m also happy to help with some other needs you may have for your online presence!

– I live in an area of Northeast Ohio with a beautiful national park, as well as many metro parks, lakes, farms and wonderful city views. I’m within 30 minutes of Lake Erie for some great views that would be nice and beachy also. We’ve got 4 bold seasons to make use of for your photos here… plenty of gorgeous fall colors, chilly snow days, refreshing spring flowers and warm summer sun. There are also plenty of very beautiful interior locations filled with rich woods and unique backgrounds. I can imagine really making the most of this area for shooting your products… taking them all around with me and capturing all kinds of interesting features!

If you’re feeling excited about this, let’s do some work together!

All my best,
Sarah Treanor

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