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Hey Peter,
My name is Hallie Stern. I am a creative producer who lives in Manhattan (139th and Broadway) who is looking for part time work to help support me through grad school.

I am articulate on the phone, well organized, and have a background in social media in marketing. As a millennial, I grew up with an understanding of how to interact with all platforms and have used them to significantly help my own career. I am happy to utilize them to help with yours.

I have no problem working on the weekends and while this is a remote position, I love interacting with people. Give me what you’ve got!

1) What’s your most interesting travel destination and why?
-When I was a sophomore undergrad at my university, I spent a month in Nepal hiking up the Himalayas into Annapurna base camp. Along the way we stayed in tea houses. Each one offered a different experience and lesson in mindfulness. I recommend the trip to anyone.

2) What really motivates you every day?
– I have an alarm set three times a day to remind me to stop and think about what i’m grateful for. I love creating film projects and am working towards becoming a network producer. Each day I remind myself why I love creating and what I can give back by empowering women to take charge of their careers.

3) Why did you choose your particular major in college?
I started as a theater major and quickly got bored. The University I transferred to offered the opportunity to develop my own degree and that excited me! I was able to negotiate with my teachers in any subject to cater the degree I wanted. I ended up with a triple degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy, through a media lens and titled it “The Ontology of Performance.”

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