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I love learning about new companies. I have an entrepreneurial spirit so I was excited to research more about what Petovera has to offer. Most entrepreneurs fail, I have in theory as well…the more data, guidance and organization of thoughts availabIe the better chance of success.

I developed a huge “letter” database of photographed objects based on history, college, and entertainment value then imaged for clients with specific details. Why am I telling you this? I went for it and failed. Well I guess failure is not a good word. It just wasn’t the right time to bring the product to market. At the time, Air Adobe was not available so point of use had to be on a PC. If I had more support, I probably would have chosen a different route.

I have over 25 combined years of sales and marketing, customer service, and research experience. I am always searching for creative approaches to issues. I don’t believe anything is a problem. They are all just issues. Issues can be overcome with research, data, plan of action, and implementation.

I currently freelance in social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn) for a large distribution construction company. I keep up with data input for Salesforce, assist field reps in looking at upcoming projects and leads.

A little about me. I am a mother of 4 sons (11,13,16,18). They all play travel ice hockey and lacrosse. I volunteer coach youth hockey and art in primary schools. I can bring a lot of diversity and understanding to a number of issues and hopefully assist in creative approaches. I have the time to dedicate and am looking for an organization where I can continue to bring value, continue to learn, and continue to educate and be educated.

If there is an opportunity with your organization, I would love the chance to interview or chat. I can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook under Julie Judson or Julie Gelletly Judson if you would like to see more.

Thank you again,
Julie Judson

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