Perfect Temperature Cover Letter

Latausha Cuffie-Barnett
27943 Cactus Ave
Moreno Valley CA, 92555

March 6, 2017

Adam Goldman
Perfect Temperature
6950 Portwest Dr. Suite 110B
Houston, TX 77024

Mr. Goldman,
Thank you for taking the time to review my resume and considering me a potential candidate for your recruiter position. I am a recruitment/ administrative professional looking to take one a part-time virtual position on a long-term basis.
I have eight years’ experience recruiting for employment needs and seven years recruiting for academic purposes. I also have some general understanding of HVAC maintenance as I was previously employed by as school that trained HVAC technicians. I have a good phone presence, organization and am an exceptional written and verbal communicator.
You will notice on my resume, I am currently employed as a HR Generalist. Should this be a concern, I want to assure you that I have the capacity to absorb a virtual part-time position. I am available on email throughout the day every day and have an additional 15-20 hours per week to dedicate to your recruitment needs, including weekends.
I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experience could benefit your organization. I am available by phone and email daily.

Best Regards,
Latausha Cuffie-Barnett
(310) 808-7417

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