Peak Behavior Services Bookkeeper & Operations Assistant

August 7, 2018

Human Resources / Recruiting Department
Peak Behavioral Services, LLC

Re: Bookkeeper & Operations Assistant

I’m sending my application and resume with great interest in your current part time Bookkeeper & Operations Assistant position. I have many years of leadership and business experience and holding an MBA since 2014. During my career, I’ve had team members who carried these responsibilities and I know what it takes to have great support.

I currently work full time as a Director of Global Shared Services, however, I am very interested in working this opportunity part time, during evenings and on weekends. I have many skills that will bring value to the role and the team. To highlight a few:
• Successfully lead teams throughout my career, and currently a Director of a Shared Services Center
• Experience managing multi-million dollar budgets
• Strong organizational skills
• Experience using Quick books online
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Motto: ‘work hard, have fun’

I look forward to the opportunity to join the team! I can be reached at 859-360-9448 or by my email at

Thank you,

Christie Swearingen

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