Part-Time – Sourcing in Social Media

Hello Wade,

DIng, ding ding! There’s a match!

Your posting for the part-time social media position for Limited Cue is a perfect fit and a win-win for us both.

I’m a mom of a 12 year old PDD-NOS, non-verbal, incontinent, low functioning autistic boy named Morgan. We had a BCBA and a team of support therapists work with him privately and through the Kansas Autism Waiver for 7 years doing 20 hours of in-home ABA therapy as well as music therapy, OT, PT, speech and hippotherapy.

Currently we are living in Fort Collins, Colorado and he’s in a great public school here. We are continuing the music therapy and hippotherapy and are pleasantly surprised to see continued progress.

I’m a strong advocate for communication and have continued to stay in touch with the majority of our past therapists. Their insights to Morgan are invaluable! And everyone loves this kid… We are lucky parents he’s a part of our lives.

I’ve also taught the adaptive figure skating class for years in Kansas City and now in Fort Collins and have had skaters with all disabilities including Downs, Aspergers, blind, etc.

Furthermore, I’ve created my own website ( and have linked it to Pinterest. Over time I’ve written blog posts and had fun creating eye-catching photos. I’ve not been active lately as I was not sure I would be continuing my coaching career here in Fort Collins. But recently I was hired to coach at the local ice rink and have committed to coaching again full-time. My Pinterest page is pinisk8club.

Instagram is a great visual medium and while I’ve not used it much, I do have an account and see the tremendous value in being a consistent contributor. It isn’t a profitable match for a figure skating coach in Colorado but it would be great for a national brand offering apps, an online educational course and products such as a fidget cubes. My Instagram name is k8ieholmes.

This part-time job would be a perfect win-win. If you’d like to get a good feel as to who I am please look at my Facebook Page… I have two. One is personal (more about family) and the other is professional (more about figure skating). My names are Katie Stader Holmes and Katie Holmes – Ice Skating Coach / Instructor.

I’m eager to learn more about Limited Cue and what benchmarks and goals you are expecting from your social media campaigns.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.
Katie Holmes
775-419-5070 (text or call)

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