Outgoing. Hard working. And driven to succeed

Howdy. My name is Molly heath. I am 32 years old. Currently I am a stay at home mom, i have 4 amazing (Sometimes crazy) children.. I wasn’t always a stay at home mom I’ve worked just about every job you can think of… I’ve cleaned private houses and local buisnesses, worked in telemarketing, call center for surveys, even sold security cameras for a small amount of time.. I’ve been a cook in a restraunt and a manager at arbys for several years. I’m experienced in many fields. I’m fun to work with and as down to earth as they come. Knowledge and experience are only a few of my qualities. I’m able to work everyday if needed. And no limit on the amount of hours worked. If you can think of Anything i left out please feel free to contract me by email at mollyheath84@gmail.com or on home phone 9062809185. Looking forward to being part of the team..

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