Operations & Marketing Manager

September 16, 2018

Dear Monica Green,

I am reaching out about several of your positions that you have posted on www.hiremymom.com: Operation & Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager or Customer Experience Manager

I am looking for a part-time business opportunity that allows me to build and utilize my skillset but maintain the work-life-balance that is sometimes elusive. :) You know, for spending time with my family and rescuing puppies!

For that last 6 years, I have worked at a digital web agency and worked on countless projects in many different roles: from Project Coordinator to Business Analyst to Site Builder. You name it I most likely have done it! The cool thing about that is that it has allowed me to see a web project from so many different points of view, and this helps me facilitate the success of project teams no matter what role I am filling that day!

Here are just a few of my superpowers:
Content Management Systems (including SEO & Content Integration)
Problem Solving
Client Collaboration Management
Project Coordination/Management
Documentation Ninja
Team Lead

Through my diverse experience and skillset, I am excited and am confident that I can bring added value to your company in any one of the following roles: Operation & Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager or Customer Experience Manager. I am always looking for new ways to add to my business skillset, so I look forward to speaking with you to determine if I might be a good fit for one of these positions.

I appreciate your time!

Rhonda Donnelly
Gilbert, AZ

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