Office Complinace- Client Service Manager

Dear Ms. Knowles,

Thank you for taking time to consider me as a candidate for your Client Services Manager position. I have 4 years’ experience in high-level organizations management. I served in campus leadership team to create and implement policy and process as an Enrolment Services Director for San Joaquin Valley College. Additionally, I have experience working directly with management in coordinating annual reviews, advising on employee performance management and creating and implementing policies and procedures.
I believe I am a good fit for your organizations but unclear if you are in need someone to work in a full virtual or semi-virtual capacity. I am looking for a part-time position and possess all technology and resources to work in a full virtually capacity. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experience could add value to your organization.

Best Regards,
Latausha Cuffie-Barnett
(310) 808-7417

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