Office Assistant / Data Entry

To Whom It May Concern:

I am currently searching for data entry work considering all part-time, full-time or contract offers. I am familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Suite, Salesforce, Quickbase and Citrix software – comfortable working on Mac or Windows systems. An environment that allows me to directly assist in data entry or office needs working alone or with a team would be ideal as it will enable me to utilize my current office operation skills while expanding my knowledge of the trade in a hands on environment.

My literary resume states that I have been unemployed for roughly three or so years; during that period I have relocated to San Diego with my husband and dedicated my time to raising my two children (1 & 3) while studying fulltime for my Associates in Web Graphic Design through DeVry University using their online platform. I am nearing my graduation within this next year and upon completion I will be continuing my education pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Information Systems, specifically Software Programming.

I hold a true interest and fascination in solving problems and building from the ground up, as well as the ability to manipulate existing projects. I take pride in my work and do well under pressure with tight deadlines. I find data to be very relaxing even though it can be a bit intense when the devil is hiding in the details. I always look for ways to gain more knowledge and complete tasks in the most efficient way possible. As a DeVry student I currently hold a 3.45 GPA and would be happy to provide a transcript at your request.

I hope you find me to be a good fit for your company and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future! Thank you so much for your time

Yours Truly,
Sandra M Jasso

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