Hello! I’m Ingrid I. Trinidad
I have over 10 years as an administrative assistant and scheduling. I started my customer service venture at the age of 18 as a waitress. Besides originally wanting to be in the field of mental health my main experience falls under visit to a few offices (ex-military). I like to stay busy and in my current job (as a Production Clerk/Training Manager), I get bored and would love to do more. I believe I would not have any problems with the three times a day block during the week and weekend schedule. I wouldn’t mind a steady job at all! I was in the Air Force for four years as a Logistic Planner. Two years with Sierra Nevada Corporation as a Technical Assistant Administrator. I’m currently working with OSDS team and have been with them for two years as a Production Control Clerk/Training Manager. I’m available to start working immediately.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Ingrid I. Trinidad
(850) 714-3608

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