Nicole Michels

While growing up, I was always told that once I start working, I would be working for the rest of my life, so be sure you enjoy what you do and be great at it. I have done just that. I am currently a paramedic of 9 years and I absolutely love my job. I have learned so many important life lessons and have gone through more than anyone could ever imagine. But as much as I love my current career, my family is more important, which is why I am changing careers.

In my current job role, I have learned multitasking, critical decision making, managing stressful situations, team lead, and much more as stated in my resume. But the most important aspect that I believe I have learned is the importance of hard work. I believe in hard work and determination, getting the job done as proficiently as possible. I take pride in doing my job well.

I believe I will be great at this job because I am the motivated team player you are looking for. I am not afraid of a challenge and I enjoy talking with people. In all that I have previously stated, I would like you to know that I am dependable. I do not like to disappoint. I am a fast learner and I will work hard to perform the job to the best of my abilities. I would hope that you would consider me for this position.

I am available to work Fulltime Monday-Friday 9-5. Thank you again for your consideration

Nicole Michels

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