Nicole Makela Cover Letter- Pace

Dear Mr. Ethan Smith,
My name is Nicole Makela, and I am a stay at home mother of two children. I am very interested in the position of virtual assistant at Pace Management. For the past two years I have worked from my home office doing the bookkeeping, scheduling, and various office work for my husband’s painting company, and I am looking for opportunity to gain more exposure to and experience in further administrative duties while working from home.
While I may not be the most experienced candidate, I can more than make up for lack of knowledge with my ability to learn quickly and eagerness to succeed. With this current company, I began as a painter with no experience- it quickly reaffirmed my suspicions that while the physical labor can be enjoyable, it was not mentally stimulating nor challenging enough, and I would much prefer the responsibility of an administrative position. I self-learned the basics of QuickBooks, turning to online and personal resources to help overcome any roadblocks, and took on additional tasks as my proficiency increased. I am at a point where maintaining my current responsibilities takes a minimal amount of time. I want to increase my expertise in an administrative role while maintaining a flexible work from home schedule. I frequently use Microsoft Word and Outlook; Excel and Adobe Acrobat less so but am confident in my ability to learn quickly.
I am excited about the potential to work with this team; I admit I would have much to learn but am impressed by the experience from what I see on the Pace Management website. I would like to sincerely thank you for your consideration, and I hope to hear from you!
Nicole Makela

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