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Next Level Pet Care, – Hire My Mom

Next Level Pet Care,

Dear Next Level Pet Care LLC,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. When I came across your listing I knew that I would be a great fit for your company. My love for animals started when I was a child. My mother always believed I would become a veterinarian, and though it took some time for me to realize it, she was intuitively close. I am currently studying with ACAN for Animal Naturopathy Consulting / Natural Animal Health Coaching, with the long term goal of assisting pet owners in raising healthy, happy fur-babies.
Though my journey has been indirect, it has, in it’s own way, been very beneficial for a solid skill set that I believe will benefit you as well. I have worked in the graphic design and professional services field for 10 years. In that time I was able to fine tune my communication skills and earn the ability to provide products for consumers based on their needs. In addition, working as a Guardian Ad Litem, I learned how to effectively advocate through words in my reports to the court, in order to serve the best interest of the many children I helped. Often times the only way for me to protect the child was in written form, using powerful and emotional writings was a necessity.
I am excited to learn more about your company and your ideas for animal related articles. I believe that your company is one that I would genuinely enjoy assisting it’s growth. I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

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Next Level Pet Care

Dear Yenni,

With a background that spans classical piano performance to brand strategy, I like to create relationships and solutions, to tell compelling stories that create meaningful connections. My summer internship at Nordstrom allowed me to work with cross-functional teams throughout the corporation to develop and recommend an enterprise mobile initiative. In my advertising role at Clavier Companion magazine, I reignited former relationships and gathered new clients. I forecasted sales accurately and, when faced with a declining sales trend in print advertising, created new revenue streams through digital media and event marketing. For the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, I developed social media engagement strategies to bring teachers together during the off-conference year, and with PianoSonoma, I worked with high-profile artists and seasoned professionals to create a luxury customer experience. And as a side project, I combined my love of writing with my experience as a parent for my blog, LovingMarshall.com.

I would embrace the opportunity to speak with you further about how I might be of assistance as you grow your business.


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