N. Key Cover Letter for L. Weiss

Dear Dr. Weiss,

I am writing in response to your job post on hiremymom.com for an Author’s Assistant and Virtual Business Manager. Your job opportunity attracts and excites me because it involves areas of great interest to me. In addition to my love for writing and books, I am intrigued by your work and research in the areas of leadership, resilience, and mindfulness.

I currently work as Branch Manager/Head Librarian of a public library in Georgia. However, I desire to take my services and skills into the virtual service realm in a position that can grow into full-time work. In addition to being a public librarian, I also have six years of service in the traditional K12 classroom. With over a decade of experience managing services and people, I have a strong record of management and customer relations skills to benefit your team.

I possess many of the functional skills and cultural behaviors listed in the job post and I can efficiently fulfill the core responsibilities. However, what I would like to highlight for you is that I am the answer to the two “must haves” listed in the job post. Being a problem solver is at the core of being a librarian. Working with diverse students and patrons in the public school system and public library while creating an pleasant environment conducive for learning and personal scholarship requires excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Each classroom and library I have managed has improved in atmosphere, service, functionality, and effectiveness, as well as seen an increase in user statistics and user satisfaction. I know that given the opportunity to employ these same skills in service with you, I will be an excellent Assistant and Virtual Business Manager.

I would love an opportunity to discuss with you how I can serve you and help take the movement of Mindfulness at Work into new frontiers. I appreciate your time and consideration. I can be reached by phone at (478) 662-1797 or by email at nyishakey@gmail.com. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Nyisha M. Key, MLIS

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