Mylinda’s Administrative Cover Letter

I am very excited to have seen your posting for an Assistant on the Hire My Mom website. The practical skills and experience that I have gained provides the perfect synthesis of the qualities needed to excel in this position.

I can bring many unique and intangible benefits to this position; for example, I am self-motivated, a team-player, detail oriented, and highly organized. I also possess innovative ideas and creative abilities, as well as the ability to write and speak in an effective manner that facilitates communication. My personal values include community, leadership, commitment, and achievement; values that have shaped my work ethic and made me the dedicated professional that I am.

In my previous employment, I scheduled and provided resources for meetings, coordinated travel plans and logistics, maintained electronic records, drafted written communication, and edited and improved communication written by others. I have honed the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and meet established deadlines well ahead of their due dates. I have also provided leadership and meeting coordination by preparing and distributing meeting invitations, following-up on responses, and arranging meeting locations. I also negotiated with hotels and other venues and managed all logistical aspects such as catering, technological needs, and securing necessary supplies.

I would greatly enjoy working with you and I would love the opportunity to demonstrate my competence and share my knowledge. As a highly organized individual with excellent written and verbal communication skills, I am confident that I am the right person for this position. I am very eager to speak with you and I can be reached via phone or email. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mylinda Ogundipe

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