Multi-skilled driven worker


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I am a conscious, hardworking, proactive professional with experience demonstrating excellent communication and organizational skills and a genuine drive to succeed in all areas of business.

I am solution oriented and I’ve had a successful track record working with a diverse client population, and I have the ability to manage all personality types. Throughout my career, I have proven experience diffusing stressful situations, achieving challenging goals and objectives, and being an asset to a team.
As a self-starter I have an entrepreneurial mindset and have started and successfully ran three small businesses of my own. Running my own business taught me the value of excellent customer service, the power of positive networking and the importance of sound financial planning.

I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health, with a special emphasis on Military Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy. I am also pursuing music within my own personal way and management within the music industry. My passion for people and helping them overcome challenges is what nurtured my ambition to pursue many different avenues within my life. My diverse professional and educational background I feel makes me an asset to any business and allows me to work well in any environment.

I am available for an immediate interview at your convenience to discuss my qualifications in more details and how I can be a part of your team.


Kristen E. Taylor

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